#2 Trending Traffic and Real Specific

Trending Traffic & Real Specific 2 apps that makes it easy to discover viral content that you can publish on your sites / blogs  and attract lots of visitors.

Content that can be manually curated OR … on autopilot.

Both apps will deliver good content. Trending Traffic is recommended for those who, like me, prefer to run news blogs or more general topics.

If you prefer a specific niche based content than Real Specific is for you. You can use the build in content sources or you can add your preferred  RSS feeds.

Sales Page for Trending Traffic : http://4all.pw/go/tt/

Sales Page for Real Specific : http://4all.pw/go/realspecific/

And now the fun part.

Why are Trending Traffic and Real Specific in this list ?

In one word, because there are awesome!

They  have everything, a “lazy” blogger (like me) could ever dream of.
The most viral key word based content, easy set up, set and forget – full autopilot and a good and fast support if you need it (actually in over 3 years of using Trending Traffic, I needed support 2 times, this should say something about Trending Traffic, i mean … if you don’t need support … It is above good ).

But the most important thing is that both apps will provide the content you need to make your blogs / websites go viral so you can monetize them and make a nice income.

Still not convinced?

Use the Live Chat and ask me more …