We all use E-book’s , reports , so on …. And we usually use PLR content for that.

But If you’ve ever tried to design an eBook — for a free report, a product, a Kindle E-Book — then you know the pain is real when it comes to designing the damn thing.

And if you’re like most people, you’ll avoid buying expensive design tools or hiring freelancers to do it for you, because it’s a serious HEADACHE and huge expense.

Imagine an eBook design tool that could automatically create:

– Professional, eye—grabbing Ebooks that download like crazy

– Beautiful ebook designs that boost perceived value and trust…

– Clean layouts that engage readers start to finish…

– Engaging content that turns casual readers into buyers!

ALL, at a PUSH of a button…

This is Sqribble : http://allsuper.biz/with/sqribble/


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