7 Reasons You Need An Alexa Skill to build your Brand and generate free traffic


We will talk about the huge advantages offered by Amazon Alexa  – Flash Briefing and Podcast Skills.

Let’s start with – What is a Flash Briefing?

In case you were not already aware, a Flash Briefing is one of the most widely used “skills” on the Amazon Echo, the smart speaker enabled with the Alexa voice assistant.

Skills are similar to apps on mobile devices in that anyone can create and contribute a skill to the Alexa platform as long as they meet certain requirements.

When you ask Alexa for your Flash Briefing, she delivers pre-recorded updates from popular media outlets that have made their content available on the platform such as NPR, BBC News, The Economist, etc.

Our goal is to help you understand why you would want to contribute your news or other content to a Alexa Skill and how to go about creating one.


1. Over 100 Million Smart Speakers around the globe

If this doesn’t convince you, consider that over this past holiday season Amazon sold over 10 million Alexa-enabled devices, making it the top-selling product on Amazon.com overall.

You cannot deny the unprecedented opportunity it creates for reaching your audience via a new and innovative medium.


2. Changing The Way People Get Their News

Even though many Alexa users admit to spending most of their day online consuming media they appreciate these quick, customized summaries which they can listen to while they are doing other maybe more productive things that may not allow them to be in front of a screen or a keyboard.

Whether you are in the kitchen preparing a meal or getting ready for work in the morning the convenience and control over the content is very appealing and it is changing the way people get their news.


3. Voice is Everywhere

Although Voice Assistant Devices are widely known for their ability to enhance life at home it is clear that their reach is extending far outside the home into places like people’s cars and their workplaces.

4. You can use new content / or repurpose older content

5. Build Authority for your brand or name ( and back links from amazon.com)

6. Very small competition – for now …

7. Alexa Skills can be used to send traffic and build audience for your blog , webpage , affiliate reviews , TV Channels , Podcasts …. i think you got my point , you can use a Skill to send traffic to almost anything, building your brand and name in the same time.

How Can I Get A Alexa Skill ?

You can build one for yourself , if you have the necessary skills , search on Google for a service provider or freelancer who can help you , or you can ask us for help.

Simply use the Live Chat in the bottom right corner of any AllSuperInfo page or blog, like this one , and ask for details.

Or you can visit our Amazon Alexa Page for more info with a simple click HERE!



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