Top 10 Tools


A short list of tools we use on a daily basis, to help us in our work, to automate it and make our life more .... Worth living.


Trending Traffic makes it easy to discover viral content that you can publish on your own site and attract lots of visitors. (Who will also bring in a ton more by sharing the posts)

Content that can be manually curated OR done on autopilot.

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And now the fun part. Why is Trending Traffic #1?

In one word, because it is awesome!

It has everything, a "lazy" blogger (like me) could ever dream of.
The most viral key word based content, easy set up, set and forget - full autopilot and a good and fast support if you need it (actually in over 2 years of using it I needed support 2 times, this should say something about Trending Traffic, if you don't need support ... It is more than good).

But the most important thing is that Trending Traffic gives you the content you need to make your blogs / websites go viral so you can monetize them and make a nice income. Thanks to Trending Traffic I was able to build up and" manage" a blog network with over 500 blogs (self hosted wp blogs and free blogs alike) and all these blogs are "fueled" in a way or another by Trending Traffic. Still not convinced? Use the Live Chat and ask me more ...

1-Click Video Site Builder 100% AUTOPILOT Video Affiliate Sites in 60 seconds!
Automatically Curates The Best Video Content From YouTube. Automatically Make Money With Affiliate Offers & Banners. Post Unlimited Videos in Unlimited Categories. Works With ANY WordPress Theme You Have. 100% Newbie-Friendly, & Mobile Responsive Player.
Just 60 Seconds to Launch a Google-Friendly Affiliate Site

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As you can see in the description 1 Click Video Site Builder will help you build up very fast and / or on autopilot viral video sites.

Now … if Trending Traffic brings me the viral content - news so on - this little plug-in helps me bring some Google love to my blogs using YouTube videos. It is Automated , it can be monetized easily and Google loves YouTube videos on blogs …. So ….. What more could a blogger want ?

Of course if you feel the need to know more and the sales page is not enough don’t hesitate to use the Live Chat and ask ….

This plugin automates all of your content syndication, backlink building and social signals but in a really natural organic way - Thanks to its built in drip feed technology.
Factor in the 2nd tier link building feature plus all of the other AMAZING features and you have yourself a complete "SEO Team" but without having to fork out every week to pay them. It's 100% set and forget!ut every week to pay them.  It's 100% set and forget!
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ZERO BOUNCE is the ultimate solution for not losing half your traffic and monetizing all the traffic that lands on your website.

With ZERO BOUNCE you can automatically redirect people to places like Amazon or any other offer , using your affiliate link for easy sales!


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 Vid Push - post Native Facebook Videos from every youtube channel or playlist you want ...

Search YouTube for new videos automatically

Post to your pages automatically

Draft Post & Schedule Uploads

Add videos to queue automatically

Schedule with a minimum gap between posts (in minutes)

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Without traffic, you simply won't see results. Really.

It doesn't matter what offers or services you're promoting.. because if you aren't seeing results for yourself, then chances are you simply aren't getting enough quality traffic to your offers.

With Trafficzion , you will be able to generate autopilot, super-targeted traffic back to your websites, blogs and offers.

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According to Kissmetrics if your site takes 3+ seconds to load you lose 50%+ of traffic amp; at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic... that's a serious problem.

Speed-up Your Site With The Easiest & Most Effective Optimisation Tool For WordPress

- With REAL TIME Server & Host Monitoring -


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Video Jeet is a content curation software for your desktop PC, that can pull fresh YouTUbe content for any niche and post it on your Blogger, WP, Livejournal or Tumblr blogs.
Not only that, it can also post this content to Facebook and Twitter, adapting the keywords into hashtags, so that you get traffic from social media without any limitations.

No matter which niche you enter, Spin Rewriter will always give you more than enough high quality content to make sure you absolutely dominate that niche.

And Perfect Tense will take your content and turn it into the type of content, Google will go crazy .From simple typos to complex grammatical issues like verb agreement and determiner misuse, Perfect Tense will find and correct errors to improve your content instantly.

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# 10. - Free for now :)

Of course we use a little bit more than this 10 tools. This is why we have the Top 20 Link in the Top menu. 
So, this is all for now.
Feel free to use the Live Chat if you want to know how we use these tools or ... just want to know more about any of them